SW: EotE Campaign


Session 2

As he approached you while you tried to discuss where to interrogate the guard, Bullard the Bartender approached you cheerily and thanked you for getting rid of the thugs. He turned out to be cooperative, but when you asked to use his small storage space for interrogation, he said he didn't want trouble and wanted some compensation, also pointing at the three bulky corpses on the floor. After some negotiation, and chipping in some cash from the guard's pouches, you paid him and promised to be as swift as possible.

The Gamorrean, who went by the name Jubnuk, was a tough guy and it took some time to break him. He told you that originally, as far as he knew, Teemo was trying to get back at you because of what happened with Lustin. He hoped to give you some shitty jobs for you to pay back Twinkle's debt. After the clash, he was mad but did not order his group to kill you – their orders were to arrest you and take you back to Teemo. You also learned that the Junk Shop is the only place that might sell a dataspike.

You decided to first visit the shop. The shopkeeper was an old human by the name of Vorn, and it took some deceiving to convince him that you are running an errand for Teemo. You paid him and decided to split in two to scout the Port Control Facility (where the security clamps can be unlocked) and the Hangar. Lana and Aleas observed at the Hangar that a Trandoshan slaver and two security droids were guarding the entrance. Aleas created a diversion to draw the guards towards him and let Lana into the hangar, but Trex, the reptilian slaver, was suspicious. 

As Aleas was shot at by droids, Lustin found a side entrance to the control facility and thieved his way in. He observed that a female overseer, two security droids, and six officers were inside. As he entered, he noticed the approach of an Imperial Lambda shuttle and the overseers guiding their landing procedures.



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