Droid / Technician / Mechanic




LE-BO2D9, Cybot Galactica Corporation’s LE-series repair droid design. Leebo, as it wants to be called. The one and only sidekick from SW: Shadows of the Empire comic series. Leebo’s origins were not detailed in the comics, but it was hinted he could have received one or two memory wipes before the Battle of Yavin.

Leebo joined you about 8 months before our adventure begins. It was given to you as “payment” at an autonomous space station called The Wheel (located in the Besh Gorgon system, Mid Rim; population: 300.000), for an odd smuggling job you did for a tech company called IsoTech there. The job was fairly simple and uneventful, you were hired by a mid-level contact at the company (you did not deal with their boss) to transport a heavily encrypted data archive from a planet called Troiken. Your Xexto contacts there handed the archive to you well hidden in a regular spice crate, you passed thru the control of a sector patrol (Imperial) along the Parlemian Trade Route (one of the major hyperspace lanes), and arrived at the Wheel. You were expecting payment, but the technician droid offer sounded more lucrative.

Later you saw that Leebo has an eccentric personality, with a weird sense of humor and an obsession about wasting nothing in terms of parts and gears. Compared to the attached visuals, imagine it as modded by a dark-metallic green laminosteel armor plating and its chassis paint has horizontal red shadowed stripes. It has a single, rather large “eye” on the left of its head, which is also an integrated electrobinocular (allows night vision). An antenna and integrated gadgets on its back mean it has integrated short and long-rage comlink. Distinctively, it wears a leather tool vest to carry all the gadgets it needs, and the back of the vest is sewn properly to carry a repulsor clamp (which unfolds as a robotic arm to help hold heavy parts during repairs).

In time, you started to treat Leebo more like a companion rather than a property, but you still mostly order it around, though it occasionally is part of your group discussions and offers its opinions.

It told you that before it was sold to IsoTech to supervise the company’s small pack of repair bots, it served as a starship safety regulations officer under the portmaster of the Esseles Starport, inspecting incoming vessels and marking violators for compulsory repairs. Before that, it says, there was a memory wipe, it does not know when it was manufactured.


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