SW: EotE Campaign

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Session 3

Lustin spotted an old friend among the petty officers working at the space control facility and decided to sneak in and convince him to unlock the security clamps of Twinkle. It took some fasttalking, but his friend accepted a small bribe to do this. However, Lustin was caught by the Overseer as he tried to sneak out of the main area, and the droids held him. His attempt to deceive the Overseer about his presence did not work, but at least they did not find about the bribe. The Jawa found an opening before he was taken somewhere else and probably interrogated, and ran away towards the hangar. He was not chased.

At the same time these were happening, Lana failed to enter the hangar unseen, Trex became aware of a plot to lure them away from the entrance, and ordered the hangar security droid back. They stopped chasing Aleas, and the group decided to resolve the problem with a good old blaster fight. However, they saw Trex talking to somebody on the comm while he took cover. With Lustin's arrival, Trex and the droids were overwhelmed and the hangar was secured. Lana quickly ran inside where she spotted Leebo's offline chassis – some small repair bots were connected to it. She chased them away and brought Leebo online using an emergency repair kit.

Session 2

As he approached you while you tried to discuss where to interrogate the guard, Bullard the Bartender approached you cheerily and thanked you for getting rid of the thugs. He turned out to be cooperative, but when you asked to use his small storage space for interrogation, he said he didn't want trouble and wanted some compensation, also pointing at the three bulky corpses on the floor. After some negotiation, and chipping in some cash from the guard's pouches, you paid him and promised to be as swift as possible.

The Gamorrean, who went by the name Jubnuk, was a tough guy and it took some time to break him. He told you that originally, as far as he knew, Teemo was trying to get back at you because of what happened with Lustin. He hoped to give you some shitty jobs for you to pay back Twinkle's debt. After the clash, he was mad but did not order his group to kill you – their orders were to arrest you and take you back to Teemo. You also learned that the Junk Shop is the only place that might sell a dataspike.

You decided to first visit the shop. The shopkeeper was an old human by the name of Vorn, and it took some deceiving to convince him that you are running an errand for Teemo. You paid him and decided to split in two to scout the Port Control Facility (where the security clamps can be unlocked) and the Hangar. Lana and Aleas observed at the Hangar that a Trandoshan slaver and two security droids were guarding the entrance. Aleas created a diversion to draw the guards towards him and let Lana into the hangar, but Trex, the reptilian slaver, was suspicious. 

As Aleas was shot at by droids, Lustin found a side entrance to the control facility and thieved his way in. He observed that a female overseer, two security droids, and six officers were inside. As he entered, he noticed the approach of an Imperial Lambda shuttle and the overseers guiding their landing procedures.

Teemo's Aggression
Session 1

Before the events of the first session began, here's what preceded: Your group was let in Teemo the Hutt's palace in Mos Shuuta shortly after landing. Leebo stayed with the ship. You coldly greeted the hutt and demanded an explanation for his recent move to buy Twinkle's debt. He insulted you and especially mocked Lustin. The Jawa assassin was already on edge, and he insulted Teemo back, before his friends could stop him. The duel of words quickly turned physical, shots were fired, and you had to run out of the palace before being overwhelmed by the hutt's Gamorrean thugs. You found yourselves running towards the town's cantina, chased by four Gamorreans, talking to Leebo on the commlink, as the scene opened.

During the few minutes you were on the comm with Leebo, you learned that Twinkle was under attack: Security clamps suddenly locked the ship and a heavy slicing attack against its systems commenced. Leebo failed to counter the attack but bought a minute or so before the ship was unlocked and Teemo's thugs gained access. Before Twinkle was breached, Leebo uploaded some code in Lana's datapad and told you that in case he is captured, the quickest way to take back the ship and destroy the new security protocols that overwrote the one he himself set up was to load the code on to a dataspike. You had no dataspike though. A few seconds after this final communication with the droid, he went silent and you reached the cantina.

You decided to ambush the incoming guards by hiding inside and quickly killed three of the four Gamorreans and stunned the fourth. During the combat, Lana was cudgeled nastily on the leg. You decided to take one of the guards as prisoner as the black Devaronian bartender approached you.

Adventure Begins!

The year is 14 BBY ("Before the Battle of Yavin"), about 5 years after Palpatine declared himself the Emperor. The Empire is still consolidating power, usually ruthlessly and increasingly, using populist propaganda measures. (My baseline for the SW timeline is here.) The Outer Rim is ever chaotic, but you are mostly familiar with the turmoil in the Hutt Space. The Hutts made some aggressive moves to take back worlds fallen to the Separatists, and had to make deals with the Empire while doing so. There are many systems where the Hutts are unhappy about losing control and the Empire is moving in with an iron fist.

Led by Lana and her smuggling connections, your group has been operating for small jobs mostly, trying to pay off the debt for Twinkle. One day Lana gets a call from the Mid Rim bank she took the credit for Twinkle, and learns that the final 10.000 cr payment for the ship was sold to Teemo the Hutt. Despite her protests, the bank refers to a small print in the contract about its debt selling rights. Your group has bad history (a couple of months ago) with the hutt: After rejecting an unfair business deal offered by the hutt, you "stole" his favorite assassin, Lustin, who helped you get a better deal in exchange for being smuggled out of Tatooine. The payment day is approaching, you do not have the money yet, and instead of dealing with a bank you now have to deal with a criminal boss.

Despite Lustin's protests, you decide to visit Teemo and negotiate the payment, and hopefully inquire about why he bought the debt. Your destination is a small Tatooine town dominated by the hutt's criminal network, Mos Shuuta.


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