SW: EotE Campaign

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Session 3

Lustin spotted an old friend among the petty officers working at the space control facility and decided to sneak in and convince him to unlock the security clamps of Twinkle. It took some fasttalking, but his friend accepted a small bribe to do this. However, Lustin was caught by the Overseer as he tried to sneak out of the main area, and the droids held him. His attempt to deceive the Overseer about his presence did not work, but at least they did not find about the bribe. The Jawa found an opening before he was taken somewhere else and probably interrogated, and ran away towards the hangar. He was not chased.

At the same time these were happening, Lana failed to enter the hangar unseen, Trex became aware of a plot to lure them away from the entrance, and ordered the hangar security droid back. They stopped chasing Aleas, and the group decided to resolve the problem with a good old blaster fight. However, they saw Trex talking to somebody on the comm while he took cover. With Lustin's arrival, Trex and the droids were overwhelmed and the hangar was secured. Lana quickly ran inside where she spotted Leebo's offline chassis – some small repair bots were connected to it. She chased them away and brought Leebo online using an emergency repair kit.



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