SW: EotE Campaign

Teemo's Aggression

Session 1

Before the events of the first session began, here's what preceded: Your group was let in Teemo the Hutt's palace in Mos Shuuta shortly after landing. Leebo stayed with the ship. You coldly greeted the hutt and demanded an explanation for his recent move to buy Twinkle's debt. He insulted you and especially mocked Lustin. The Jawa assassin was already on edge, and he insulted Teemo back, before his friends could stop him. The duel of words quickly turned physical, shots were fired, and you had to run out of the palace before being overwhelmed by the hutt's Gamorrean thugs. You found yourselves running towards the town's cantina, chased by four Gamorreans, talking to Leebo on the commlink, as the scene opened.

During the few minutes you were on the comm with Leebo, you learned that Twinkle was under attack: Security clamps suddenly locked the ship and a heavy slicing attack against its systems commenced. Leebo failed to counter the attack but bought a minute or so before the ship was unlocked and Teemo's thugs gained access. Before Twinkle was breached, Leebo uploaded some code in Lana's datapad and told you that in case he is captured, the quickest way to take back the ship and destroy the new security protocols that overwrote the one he himself set up was to load the code on to a dataspike. You had no dataspike though. A few seconds after this final communication with the droid, he went silent and you reached the cantina.

You decided to ambush the incoming guards by hiding inside and quickly killed three of the four Gamorreans and stunned the fourth. During the combat, Lana was cudgeled nastily on the leg. You decided to take one of the guards as prisoner as the black Devaronian bartender approached you.



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